Pressure Cooker Chinese Stewed Pork Bento

I didn’t have a whole lot of time this evening and I’ve been enjoying my new Instant Pot, so I decided to make my tried-and-true hong shao rou (stewed pork) recipe using the pressure cooker setting. It was cooked at high pressure for 35 minutes, I manually released the pressure, added the eggs, and continued at high pressure for another 10 minutes. It turned out just as good and in much less time! For my lunch, it is paired with sauteed leek, steamed rice, and hard-cooked egg stewed in the soy sauce broth. Continue reading “Pressure Cooker Chinese Stewed Pork Bento”

Chinese Hot Pot

One of my favorite dinners, Chinese Hot Pot is a well-rounded meal shared by family and friends. Surrounding an electric pot filled with delicious stock of your choosing are your ingredients: fresh vegetables, thinly sliced meats, quail eggs, and whatever else you can imagine. It is an interactive and fun experience everyone should enjoy. Continue reading “Chinese Hot Pot”