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Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon

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One of Julia Child's most iconic dishes: Boeuf Bourguignon.

6 Servings
Chunk Bacon 6 Ounces
Olive Oil 1 Tablespoon
Stew Beef 3 Pounds
Carrot, Peeled And Sliced 1
Onion, Peeled And Sliced 1
Salt 1 Teaspoon
Pepper14 Teaspoon
Flour 2 Tablespoons
Red Wine (Bordeaux, Chianti, Burgandy) 3 Cups
Beef Stock 2 Cups
Tomato Paste 1 Tablespoon
Garlic Clove 2
Thyme Sprig 1
Bay Leaf 1
Braised Onions
Pearl Onion 20
Butter, Unsalted 1 12 Tablespoons
Olive Oil 1 12 Tablespoons
Beef Stock12 Cup
Salt and Pepper To Taste
Bay Leaf 1
Thyme Sprig 1
Parsley Sprig 2
Sauteed Mushrooms
Mushrooms 1 Pound
Butter, Unsalted 2 Tablespoons
Olive Oil 1 Tablespoon
Preparation Steps
  • Remove the rind from the bacon/pork belly.

  • Cut the pork into lardons (1/4in x 1 1/2in).

  • Simmer the lardons in 1 1/2 quarts of water for 10 minutes.

  • Drain the lardons and pat dry.

  • Preheat oven to 450F/230C.

  • Brown lardons in 1 TB olive oil in a heavy casserole or Dutch oven (not shown).

  • Remove the browned lardons to a plate.

  • Brown the beef (small batches at a time) in the bacon fat.

  • Once browned, remove beef from pot and continue with the rest of the beef in small batches.

  • 10 

    Sauté sliced onion and carrot (optional) in the same pot until softened.

  • 11 

    Return beef and lardons to the pot.

  • 12 

    Add 1 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp pepper, and 2 TB flour. Toss to coat.

  • 13 

    Put pot in oven for 4 minutes uncovered.

  • 14 

    Toss again and return for another 4 minutes.

  • 15 

    Reduce oven temperature to 325F/162C and remove pot.

  • 16 

    Add about 3 cups red wine and enough beef stock to cover.

  • 17 

    Add 1 TB tomato paste, 3 smashed garlic cloves, 1 sprig thyme, and 1 bay leaf. Bring up to a simmer.

  • 18 

    Cover and place in the oven for 3-4 hours. If needed, adjust the temperature to maintain a simmer.

  • 19 

    Add 1 1/2 TB each of butter and olive oil to the skillet over medium heat. Once warm, add ~20 pearl onions.

  • 20 

    Sauté the onions, rolling them to get an even browning.

  • 21 

    Add 1/2 cup beef stock, salt and pepper to taste, 1 sprig thyme, 1 bay leaf, and 2 sprigs parsley.

  • 22 

    Cover and let cook for 40-50 minutes until the onions are tender and the liquid is mostly evaporated.

  • 23 

    For the mushrooms, add 2 Tb butter and 1 TB olive oil to a pan over high heat.

  • 24 

    Add 1lb mushrooms and shake/toss for about 5 minutes.

  • 25 

    When lightly browned, remove the mushrooms from the heat and set aside.

  • 26 

    Remove pot from oven when beef falls apart.

  • 27 

    Pour stew into a sauce pot through a fine mesh sieve.

  • 28 

    Return beef and lardons to the clean pot.

  • 29 

    Add mushrooms.

  • 30 

    Add the onions (carefully).

  • 31 

    Skim fat off of the sauce.

  • 32 

    Return sauce to stove and let simmer for 1-2 minutes, skimming fat as needed, until it is your desired taste and thickness.

  • 33 

    Pour sauce over the meat and vegetables.

  • 34 

    Cover and let simmer over medium-low heat for 2-3 minutes.

  • 35 

    When everything is heated through, you are ready to serve.

  • 36 

    Garnish with parsley and eat!

PandaraBangkok, Thailand

Pandara is a Registered Dietitian with an emphasis in culinary nutrition. She is a self-taught chef and finds cooking to be fun, healthy, and rewarding. Her hope is to encourage others to bring cooking back to the home. One of her biggest influences is Alton Brown, especially in his series ‘Good Eats’.

Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon

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